Water Vending Machines

Water vending machines are widely used in water stores and other retail water operations in North America.
These machines are well accepted in the market due to flexibility, low cost, 24 hour availability,remote and automatic operation. A cost effective, customer friendly machine can increase sales because it can be used at any time. Water machines can fill 1 to 5 gallon bottles according to customer choice.











Customize these water vending machines with a reverse osmosis system, in-built storage, a UV disinfection system, an alkaline water system, ozone system, quality monitoring system and many more


• 24 hour uninterrupted pure water available
• Advance water purification systems with pre-filtration, RO systems, and UV systems, giving you water cleaned to the national standard
• Reverse osmosis system capacity from 100 GPD to 2000 GPD
• Mineral filters available to make alkaline water
• Cabinet model design for durable and easy installation
• Available in manual, coin and card operated mechanism
• Vending machine will display an alert if the tank level is low
• Able to link with debit/credit card system for auto recharge (Option in Card machines)
• Last 50 transactions can be seen (Option in Card machines)
• Can be programmed for price changes
• Remote monitoring system
• USD and CAD coin and bill option also available
• Large LCD screen for personalized advertisement
• Customize your machine with your company graphics
• LED light in bottle cabinet
• Pause/Restart button
• Self-closing Plexi-glass made door design
• Secure, theft free design


• The raw input water gets purified by multistage filtration and by a reverse osmosis system
• The purified water is stored in the inbuilt storage tank until it is purchased
• Once coin/card is inserted and selection is made by the customer, the microcontroller will activate the solenoid valve for a pre-determined time, filling the water bottle
• Overall system provides fast and accurate outlet of water immediately once the valid coin/card selection has been made
• The internal coconut carbon filter will polish the taste of water and remove any odors
• The water will pass through the ultraviolet disinfection system and into the bottle